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SSC (School Site Council)

The intent of the School Improvement Program (SIP) is to create a team at each school that will use all of its combined resources and special knowledge to make a school the very best that it can be. Teams will function under the instructional leadership of the principal, using the SIP process as a guide. 

The School Site Council (SSC) helps to develop a School Improvement Plan (SIP) based on the assessed needs of the total school population. The SSC reviews the implementation of the Plan on an on-going basis. The SSC assesses the effectiveness of the school program. The SSC approves the annual School Improvement budget. The SSC reviews and updates the implementation of the suggestions and action plans after the Program Quality Review (PQR). 

The Foothill Oaks School Site Council consists of at least 10 elected members (50% of school staff and 50% of parents/community members). The school staff membership is made up of the principal, three certificated and one non-classroom staff member. The parents/community membership is being represented by five parents.          

20-21_Voting_Member_Roster Card Icon
20-21 Voting Member Roster

Name, Position on SSC,  Year

Melissa Rossavick, Principal

Janiel Evans, Classroom Teacher, 2

Suzanne Ochrach, Classroom Teacher, 1

Nelia Toney, Classroom Teacher, 1

Charlai Finona, Parent, 1

Morgan Wortman, Parent, 1

Megan Alford, Parent, 1

Amanda Gillum, Parent, 1

Ingrid Solis, Parent, 1

Laura Young, Other Staff, 1

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All Meetings will be at 3:15 and conducted via Zoom until further directed.


September 30, 2020           Click for agenda

October 21, 2020                Click for agenda

December 9, 2020              Click for agenda

January 27, 2021                 Click for agenda

February 24, 2021               Click for agenda

March 24, 2021                   Click for agenda

April 28, 2021                     Click for agenda

May 12, 2021 (if needed)    Click for agenda